Vascular Surgical Skills Training

Objective:  To provide a learning opportunity for residents of all levels and fellows hands-on training in vascular techniques and vascular anastomoses.  Opportunities range from practice with large vessel anastomoses with a pig aorta to smaller vessel anastomoses with saphenous veins or femoral veins/arteries.  In addition, there is an opportunity for residents and fellows to practice abdominal aortic replacement through the use of an aortoiliac (AI) simulator.

Potential training opportunities:

  • Provide an opportunity for surgeons to handle and experience CryoLife processed tissue while practicing suture techniques
  • Become confident with techniques such as end to end anastomoses, end to side anastomoses and vein to artery anastomoses
  • Evaluate integrity of anastomoses (no leaks or defects) and symmetry of suture line
  • Become comfortable utilizing syringes used to pressurize vessels to test suturing effectiveness
  • Ability to practice abdominal aortic replacement techniques with aortoiliac simulator

Please Contact Your CryoLife Representative if Interested in Hosting an
Institutional Training Event