CryoLife has long been recognized as a leader in the mentorship, training and support of Health Care Providers around the world. For over 20 years CryoLife has provided training and support through various educational summits, physician training events, physician mentorship and institutional wet lab support.

Through this extensive experience, CryoLife has developed the ELITE Educational Experience aimed at providing medical professionals currently practicing in the United States and Canada with a series of highly acclaimed educational offerings that provide focused training, mentorship and assistance on a number of surgical procedures and CryoLife’s product portfolio. The ELITE Educational Experience is aimed at providing the educational venue that best accommodates the learning needs of the medical professional. From training programs in a smaller group setting to educational symposiums with larger groups to institutional wet lab support, the ELITE Educational Experience will provide the resources and training experts to assure that everyone who has gone through the Educational Experience is able to perform at the highest level and thereby improve overall patient care.

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