ELITE Educational Experience for Institutional Training Opportunities

Through Artivion's ELITE Educational Experience we are committed to help provide the resources to support training efforts of the teaching institutions across the United States and Canada.  All institutional training opportunities will be led by the institution’s own staff and will be supported by Artivion.  This support will include the ability to have all wet lab supply materials shipped to the training institution.  Wet lab materials available to be shipped include items, such as, drapes, gowns, gloves, suture, pig hearts, heart box, vascular boards, lights, etc. Artivion's implantable devices (On-X Heart Valves, Chord-X, BioGlue and PhotoFix), as well as Artivion's cryopreserved cardiac and vascular tissues, are available upon request and will be supplied, if available.  As an additional support for these programs, Artivion will manage both the set up and break down of these institutional training opportunities.

Surgeons may choose from the following list of training opportunities and include any combination of opportunities that best fit with their desired training expectations.