Ross Procedure Recipients

Through the power of community, patients have the ability to connect and share messages of hope and courage to inspire and educate others. We invite our patients and their families to share their personal story so that it may help someone else going through a similar experience. If you would like to share your story, please complete and submit the form.


Mara McCabe

CryoValve Heart Valve
Ross Procedure Patient

“No Longer on the Sidelines."

Mara McCabe was diagnosed with aortic stenosis with insufficiency at the age of four. She was diagnosed by the family physician during a visit due to a cold. Fortunately, Mara experienced no symptoms during her childhood, although she was restricted from competitive sports.


Stretch Ledford

Runner, International Photojournalist
CryoValve Heart Valve
Ross Procedure Patient

“Dr. Paul Stelzer of The Mount Sinai Medical Center Named ‘Featured Heart Valve Surgeon’ at”

Charles “Stretch” Ledford was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve at five months old. After living a healthy and relatively normal life for 43 years, it became necessary to replace this valve.