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Vascular Surgery

Vascular Allografts for Peripheral Bypass


What is it?

For patients undergoing secondary peripheral bypass procedures, up to 50% of them do not have suitable autologous tissue to use as a bypass conduit.1 CryoVein Saphenous Vein and CryoArtery Femoral Artery are logical choices in these situations due to their performance2,3 and superior handling characteristics compared to synthetic grafts (e.g. polytetrafluoroethylene grafts).4

Why is it better?

Clinical Data

  • 87% Primary Patency BK at 1 Year2
  • 70% Limb Salvage Rates BK at 4 Years5
  • Excellent Resistance to Infection3


Naturally Compliant

  • Same Compliance and Flow Dynamics as Autografts6
  • Superior Handling Characteristics Compared to PTFE grafts4
  • Easy to Suture


Alternative to Amputation

  • Decreased Mortality at 1 Year: CryoVein 28% vs. AKA: 49%7
  • Increased Quality of Life8
Limb Salvage
Tissue Diameter Length Catalog Number
Saphenous Vein 3mm - 6mm* 20cm - 80+cm* V010
Femoral Artery 4mm - 5+mm 10cm - 30+mm R020


Limb Salvage Results with CryoVein Saphenous Vein for Below the Knee (BTK) Bypass

Conduit Author # of Patients 1 YR (%) 2 YR (%) 3 YR (%) 4 YR (%)
CryoVein CryoLife Multicenter1 381 73 72 70 70
Saphenous Vein Martin, et al.2* 82 84 81 NR 62
Buckley, et al.3 24 80 80 NR NR
Farber, et al.4 177 80 71 NR NR
Bannazadeh, et al.5* 56 73 NR NR NR

*Multiple tissue processors
NR: Not reported


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