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Vascular Surgery

Aortoiliac Infections


What is it?

According to Rutherford’s Vascular Surgery, “[An] aortic infection is one of the gravest conditions in peripheral vascular surgery.”1 When these situations arise, surgeons require solutions in which they can have confidence. CryoArtery Aortoiliac Artery and Descending Thoracic Aorta are the Natural Choice® for treating aortic infections.

Why is it better?

Synthetic AAA Graft

Implant CryoArtery
Into Infected Field

Infection Resolved
With CryoArtery

Excellent Resistance to Infection3-7

  • 0% Reinfection at 48 months2

Outstanding Durability3

  • No reports of aneurysm or dilation of the CryoArtery Aortoiliac Artery in four U.S. studies3-6

Cost Effective7

  • The allograft group costs 40% less than the conventional group (p=0.005)7

Clinically Proven8

  • 14 centers implanted cryopreserved allografts for treating infected fields in 220 patients
  • Freedom from limb loss was 98% at 1 year and 93% at 5 years
  • Primary graft patency was  98% at 1 year and 97% at 5 years
  • Patient survival: 75% at 1 year, 51% at 5 years

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Read the ePub available on the Journal of Vascular Surgery website for more information.
CryoArtery Aortoiliac Artery2 In-Situ Fem-Pop Vein Autograft (NAIS)9 Axillofemoral Reconstruction10 In-Situ Rifampin-Soaked Synthetic Graft11
# of Patients 21 187 45 27
Median FU (Months) 48 32 16 17
Graft Reinfection 0% 5% 0% 11%
0% 10% 20% 8%
Aneurysmal Degeneration; Dilation NR 0% NR NR


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