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Vascular Surgery

Aortoiliac Artery

The Ideal Solutions for:

  • Infected synthetic grafts
  • Infected mycotic aneurysms
  • Infected aortoenteric fistulas
  • Infections with virulent gram positive
  • Infections with gram negative
  • Infections with fungal pathogens1-5
CryoLife Aortoiliac Artery
Tissues Diameter Length Catalog Number
Aortoiliac Artery (bifurcated) Aorta: 8mm – 15mm
Iliacs: 4mm – 5mm
6cm – 11+cm
4cm – 11+cm
Descending Thoracic Artery 8mm – 15mm‡ 6cm – 11+cm A020

† Diameter distends up to approximately 39% at 120mmHg
‡ Diameter distends up to approximately 60% at 120mmHg


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