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Chord-X Pre-Measured Loops and Adjustable Suture System
ePTFE Suture Diameter:
USP 2-0
(Diameter similar to GORE-TEX CV-4)
18mm Taper Point Needle Options, Catalog Numbers
Loop Length 3/8 Circle 1/2 Circle
Adjustable CXL-20-1838-0 CXL-20-1812-0
12mm CXL-20-1838-12 CXL-20-1812-12
16mm CXL-20-1838-16 CXL-20-1812-16
20mm CXL-20-1838-20 CXL-20-1812-20
24mm CXL-20-1838-24 CXL-20-1812-24
  • 1 box = 5 sterile Chord-X packaged units.
  • Each unit contains a Chord-X prosthesis featuring one suture pair for the papillary muscle and three independent
    pre-measured chordal suture loops or suture strands for leaflet attachment.
  • Each prosthesis is positioned on disposable foam base-plates for suture management.
  • Each unit has double-armed taper point needles, two PTFE pledgets: one attached and one independent.
Chord-X Chordal Sizer
Packaged Quantity Use Catalog Number
1 box = 5 individually packaged
sterile Chord-X Chordal Sizers
Single Use, disposable device CXCS