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Cryopreserved Tissue Handling Instructions


The video above provides instruction on the following protocols:


Thaw and Rinse Instructions

Download this PDF and learn how to thaw and rinse cannulated vascular and non-cannulated cardiac tissue.

Unpacking and Repacking Instructions

Download this PDF and learn how to unpack and repack tissues as well as how to return an empty shipping container or what to do when returning an allograft to CryoLife.

  • Unpacking Protocol
  • Thaw and Rinse – Cannulated Vascular Tissues
  • Thaw and Rinse – Non-Cannulated Cardiac Tissues
  • Repacking Protocol
    • Returning an Empty Shipper
    • Returning Allograft

Allograft MRI Safety

Download this PDF and learn about MRI safety with CryoLife allografts.