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Pediatric Patients of CryoValve

What is it?

Every year over 35,000 children born with a congenital heart defect are in need of some type of reconstructive surgery. Over the past 25 years, more than 800 pediatric cardiac surgeons have implanted over 35,000 CryoLife cardiac valves and patch materials to fill the need. CryoLife’s aortic and pulmonary valves are an excellent option available for pediatric patients when an autograft tissue is not available.

Why is it better?

As the leader in implantable human cardiac tissue, CryoLife continues to make a substantial impact in the pediatric medical community. CryoLife continues to introduce new tissues including CryoValve® SG Pulmonary Human Heart Valve and CryoPatch® SG Human Cardiac Patches for the pediatric patient. These advancements utilize CryoLife’s proprietary SynerGraft® processing, which virtually eliminates all cellular material.

Pediatric cardiac surgeons throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe have experienced the advantages of CryoLife’s CryoValve and CryoPatch when performing heart valve replacements and congenital defect reconstructions. CryoLife processed tissues have given pediatric cardiac surgeons multiple options and flexibility, while offering patients the chance to live active lives without the need for anticoagulation therapies.

Where is it available?

The commercial availability of CryoLife’s cryopreserved human tissue provides cardiac surgeons with a variety of preserved implantable tissues, such as aortic valves, pulmonary valves, and patch materials. In recognition of the importance CryoLife has placed on pediatric reconstructive surgery, the CryoKids® Foundation was established to provide heart valves for pediatric reconstructive surgery to children in need around the world.

For more information regarding cardiac reconstructive surgery visit CTSNet.