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Cryopreserved Human Tissue

The Right Valve for the Right Side

The Ideal Valve® for:

  • Adult congenital RVOT reconstruction
  • Valve replacement during the Ross Procedure
  • Pediatric pulmonary valve replacement
  • Active lifestyle without anticoagulation therapy
Pulmonary Human Heart Valve
Tissue Internal Diameter Catalog Number
SG Pulmonary Valve and Conduit 6mm to 32mm SGPV00
SG Pulmonary Valve w/o Conduit 6mm to 32mm SGPV10

The CryoValve SG Pulmonary Valve is the first and
only decellularized pulmonary human heart valve cleared by the FDA.

CryoValve SG Pulmonary Human Heart Valves offer the following benefits:

  • Excellent durability1
  • Optimal hemodynamics2


Actuarial Freedom from Explant due to SVD3

Actuarial Freedom from Explant due to SVD

Providing Options For The Future

CryoValves may allow for future transcatheter valve implantation.4


CryoValve SG Pulmonary Human Heart Valves are indicated for the replacement of diseased, damaged, malformed, or malfunctioning native or prosthetic pulmonary valves. They may also be used in the replacement of native pulmonary valves when the Ross Procedure is performed. Pulmonary heart valve allografts are used to repair both congenital and acquired valve lesions.5


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