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BioFoam® Applications

BioFoam is created when two solutions mix in the applicator tip, at this point two reactions start, the crosslinking to form CryoLife’s proprietary protein hydrogel technology and a foaming reaction which produces the unique BioFoam matrix.

Mechanism of Action

BioFoam has a dual mechanism of action proven to seal the bleeding site and create hemostasis by:

  • Crosslinking proteins and adhering strongly to tissue, providing a mechanical barrier to decrease blood flow
  • Providing pores for blood to enter, leading to cellular aggregation
BioFoam electronscan


BioFoam has been proven effective for:

  • Sealing and creating hemostasis on cardiovascular bleeding.
  • Sealing abdominal parenchymal tissue which may be prone to post-operative bleeding (e.g. cirrhotic liver).
  • A wide range of abdominal surgical procedures including anatomic and extended hemihepatectomies, segmentectomies and enucleations.
BioFoam parenchymal

Indications for Use

BioFoam Surgical Matrix is intended for use as an adjunct when cessation of bleeding by ligature or conventional methods is ineffective or impractical on cardiovascular and abdominal parenchymal tissues (liver and spleen).

BioFoam is not approved for commercial distribution in the following countries:  

  • Japan
  • Peoples Republic of China
  • USA