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CryoPatch Autologous Pericardium

CryoLife provides a unique solution to cryopreserve your patient’s autologous pericardium for future surgeries.

Why Autologous Pericardium?

  • Autologous pericardium is one of the most widely used materials for reconstruction in pediatric cardiac surgery1
  • Readily available, easy to tailor, and highly hemostatic in nature2
  • Has low immunogenicity which leads to a low tendency to calcify2

Why CryoLife?

  • First biomedical company to specialize in low temperature preservation of human heart valves, which are frequently used for pediatric cardiac reconstruction
  • Over 30 years of experience and focus in cryopreservation of human cardiovascular tissues
  • A leader in developing innovative products and solutions to improve the lives of pediatric and young adult patients
Autologous Pericardium with Tools

Step-by-Step Instructions

Contact your local CryoLife CardioVascular Specialist
to learn more, or call Customer Service at 1.888.427.9654


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