MV Repair/Chord-X Chordal
Replacement Workshop

Chord-X Workshop

Purpose: To provide a training course focused on mitral valve repair featuring Chord-X® Mitral Chordal Replacement Products. The didactic portion will cover the clinical overview of outcomes, patient selection and an overview of the implant procedure. Training courses will also include a case observation, where attending surgeons will have the opportunity to observe an experienced surgeon perform a mitral valve repair with chordal replacement, as well as a mentored wet lab to provide hands-on training of the Chord-X Pre-Measured Loops and the Chord-X Chordal Sizer. This program is designed for practicing cardiac surgeons who perform mitral valve repair and desire to learn more about using the Chord-X Mitral Chordal Replacement technology.

Program in Brief

1st Day Evening:  6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Dinner and Didactic Presentation
Dinner discussion: Mitral valve repair including case preview


2nd Day:  7:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Case Observation and Wet Lab
Live case observation followed by “hands-on” training wet lab to allow the opportunity for risk-free practice implanting Chord-X Pre-Measured Loops.

Sessions and dates

2018 Dates

May 7-8:  Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland OH
Trainers:     Marc A. Gillinov, MD
Stephanie Mick, MD

  • Performing mitral valve repair via open sternotomy approach


May 17-18:  San Francisco Bay Area (Mountain View, CA)
El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA
Trainers:     Vincent Gaudiani, MD
Pei H. Tsau, MD

  • Performing mitral valve repair via upper mini sternotomy approach