Life is our Life’s Work


CryoLife is dedicated to human welfare through the development of tissue preservation technologies that restore health and extend life, and to the development of quality standards that assure the utmost care.

CryoLife remains committed to the donor, the donor families and the recovery agencies that we work with. With their dedication and commitment, countless individuals have received a second chance at life.

Services for Recovery Agencies

It all begins with you! CryoLife is proud to support the efforts of the organ and tissue procurement organizations (OTPOs) that are committed to the life-saving and life-enhancing benefits of tissue donation through transplantation.

Tissue recovery organizations work hard to serve their communities, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for donor families and the recipients who benefit from their generosity. Our goal is to maximize opportunities for donated tissue to benefit those patients in need.

At CryoLife, research and development are a top priority. Our advanced methods of cryopreservation have made CryoLife a leader in tissue preservation. Our work has resulted in improved clinical outcomes and an increasing demand for specific tissue grafts. Many surgeons now consider these grafts to be the standard care for their patients.

“Our goal is to maximize opportunities for donated tissue to benefit those patients in need . ”

The result of our leadership? The majority of all cardiovascular procedures involving allograft tissue in the United States are now performed with cryopreserved heart valves processed by CryoLife .

This would not be possible without the work and support of organ and tissue procurement organizations that recover and send tissue to CryoLife. With their help, we have had the privilege of processing over 100,000 donors and have saved and enhanced the lives of thousands of men, women and children across the country and throughout the world.