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Message to patients by Dr. Bokros, Founder of On-X Life Technologies, Inc.


Dr Bokros looking at On-X prosthetic heart valveDr. Bokros looking at
On-X prosthetic heart valve
With more than 35 years in the heart valve business I have a great appreciation for the physical and mental stress that accompanies valve replacement surgery. It is my personal mission and the mission of On-X LTI to do everything possible as a valve manufacturer to ensure that your surgery has the best possible outcome.

I have personally participated in the development of several mechanical valves, including the St. Jude Medical, Carbomedics and ATS heart valves. In the process I have gained insight into what it takes to make a successful heart valve.

You can be assured that if an On-X prosthetic heart valve is used for your surgery, you are receiving the very best mechanical valve available today. Our emphasis on natural flow behavior through the valve truly benefits the patient.

Please look over the rest of our web site, which I hope you will find helpful and informative. Whatever course you and your physician choose for your surgery, we wish you the very best.


Jack Bokros, Ph.D.
Founder and Senior Technology Advisor
On-X Life Technologies, Inc.

It was in 1965 that Jack Bokros, Ph.D. first introduced the medical world to pyrolytic carbon, now the most accepted material for mechanical valves. Dr. Bokros’ collaboration with Vincent Gott, M.D. (a cardiac surgeon) led to the very first carbon heart valves, marking the beginning of a new era in rehabilitative cardiac surgery.


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