On-X Ascending Aortic Prosthesis Implant Video

Minimally Invasive Aortic Root Replacement using an On-X Ascending Aortic Prosthesis


On-X Prosthetic Heart Valve Implant Technique Video

The On-X prosthetic heart valve offers:

  • more protection from complications as seen in clinical trial comparisons
  • the possibility of one valve for life instead of the temporary choice of tissue replacements
  • the possibility of reduced anticoagulation medication
  • more flow especially in small size aortic valves

On-X outperforms other valves in hemodynamic performance as seen in FDA trial comparisons.


On-X Prosthetic Heart Valve PROACT Clinical Trial Video

Clinical trials have shown that the On-X valve surpasses all other valves on the market in hemodynamic performance. The valve received full pre-market approval from the FDA in March of 2002.
In January of 2006, the FDA approved the first and only IDE (Investigational Device Exemption) lowered anticoagulation trial (PROACT Study–reduced INR) for a mechanical valve to be conducted at 40 sites in the United States for the On-X Prosthetic Heart Valve.


Heart Valve Choice: Mechanical vs. Tissue Heart Valves

Video of Dr. Jamieson on Heart Valve Choice: Mechanical vs. Tissue Heart Valves


Mitral Valve Repair: Chordal Replacement using Chord-X Pre-Measured Loops


Barlow Valve


P2 Repair


P3 Repair