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Working with Medical Professionals: Real Progress from Real Change

For years, the strategy of bileaflet valve manufacturers and medical professionals have been to emulate the familiar design of the original St. Jude Medical valve. At best they have achieved comparable clinical results.

Working with medical professionals, On-X carefully re-engineered virtually every aspect of bileaflet design and manufacturing processes for the On-X valve. As a result, On-X valves have established an entirely new standard of valve performance, surpassing all other valves in advantage to the patient’s quality of life.

A new hemodynamically correct profile and pristine interior contours of pure carbon provide across-the-board improvements over traditional designs. The On-X valve is at the top of the class in virtually every category of valve performance.

Cumulative clinical data demonstrate that the On-X valve has lower rates of thrombotic events than other mechanical valves, particularly when faced with noncompliance to anticoagulation therapy. This experience has resulted in new clinical studies aimed at re-defining the lower limits of anticoagulation therapy for the valve to reduce the potential for bleeding in On-X valve patients.

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