Case Studies by Cardiac Surgeons


Sole Therapy TMR

Douglas Schuch, MD

Patient History

  • 57 year-old female
  • S/P pacemaker
  • S/P CABG x5 two years prior
  • Recurrent hospitalization x3 past year for unstable angina
  • Cath – 3/5 grafts open with severe 3 vessel disease and small distal vessels thought not to be amenable to PTCA or CABG
  • EF = 48%

Follow Up – 5 years

  • CCS Class I
  • Off all nitroglycerin medication


Adjunctive TMR

Douglas Schuch, MD

Patient History

  • 54 year-old female
  • HTM, obese, CHF mild
  • MI – one year prior
  • CCS Class IV
  • Cath – Only one bypassable vessel
  • EF = 32%

Follow Up – 6 years

  • CCS Class I-II
  • Normal Cardiolite
  • EF = 52%


Myocardial Stimulation with TMR in Severe Ischemic Patient

Patrick Griffith, MD

Patient History

  • 68 year-old male
  • 30 year smoker
  • Diabetic, HTN, elevated cholesterol
  • 3-vessel disease
  • EF = 35%

Follow up – 18 months

  • CCS Class I
  • No chest pain or shortness of breath

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Learn from three case studies about how TMR can reduce or eliminate angina pain by these patients' five- or six-month follow up.

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Learn the society guidelines for treating angina and diffuse CAD with transmyocardial revascularization.


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