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What is Transmyocardial Revascularization
Transmyocardial Revascularization (TMR) is a treatment to help reduce or eliminate chest pain by increasing blood flow to blood deprived areas of the heart muscle for a patient suffering from:

  • Severe Angina
  • Chronic Angina
  • Chest Pain (resulting from coronary artery disease)

The procedure takes place while the patient is under general anesthesia. When TMR is used as a sole therapy, the surgeon can access the heart through a small incision between the ribs. Using a precise, low powered laser, about 20-40 small 1mm channels are created in the target area of the heart muscle which stimulate new blood vessels to form.1

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There is a complex and underserved patient population suffering from chronic angina refractory to medical treatment. You know them—last line patients whose pain keeps them coming back for help. Learn how TMR can help.

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TMR is reimbursed as a primary treatment and as a secondary treatment to coronary artery bypass grafting. TMR is covered under numerous third-party coverage policies including Medicare.

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Al Phillips had TMR in conjunction with his third bypass surgery. With all of his experience with bypass surgery, Mr. Phillips regards his surgery with TMR as the most influential. Mr. Phillips declares, “It literally saved my life.”

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CardioGenesis Products

Fiberoptic Delivery Systems

sologripIII_smallUsing flexible fiber optic technology compatible with its proprietary holmium:YAG system, CryoLife, Inc. is innovating minimally invasive delivery systems.

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Laser Console - SolarGen 2100s

solargen2100s_smallThe solid state technology of the CardioGenesis holmium:YAG laser system provides a stable and reliable energy platform that is designed to deliver precise energy output.

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Service and Warranty

servicewarranty_smallCryoLife, Inc. recommends factory trained & certified manufacturer service support to ensure the laser is operating within the critical factory specifications and to protect our customer’s investment.

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Support Material

CardioGenesis Support Material

This brochure provides a brief overview of TMR which can be shared with patients and physicians to help explain Transmyocardial Revascularization.

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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Hear testimonials from TMR patients as they recount their stories of TMR with how their lives were before and after the procedure.

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