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Reduce Air Embolism

  • Valve Surgery
  • Atrial/Ventricular Septum Defect Closure
  • Left Ventricular Reconstruction
  • Aortic Surgery
  • Single Clamp Coronary Surgery
  • Insertion of ECMO through sternotomy
  • Insertion of LVAD
  • Heart transplantation

           Avoid Turbulence with Open-ended tubes.             Achieve Complete De-Airing with CarbonAid.


CarbonAid® & CarbonMini® CO2 Diffusers Reduce Air Embolism during Open Heart Surgery

The CarbonAid® and CarbonMini® CO2 diffusers are disposable devices designed for the insufflation of CO2 into the open cardiothoracic cavity to reduce the risk of air embolism. CarbonAid® is optimal for full adult open sternotomy wounds and CarbonMini® for smaller sized wounds.

Achieve Complete De-Airing with CarbonAid® and CarbonMini®

Indicated for all open heart surgery procedures to reduce the risk of air embolism including:

The Superiority of the CarbonAid CO2 Diffuser Technology

The CarbonAid® and CarbonMini® can deliver a high flow rate of 10 L/min high CO2 gas flow without turbulence, creating a 100% CO2 atmosphere inside the open thoracic wound area reducing the risk of air embolism occurrence.


The continuous overflow of CO2 will repel and transport away small particles in the OR, decreasing the rate of airborne contamination.

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