BioFoam® Surgical Matrix


BioFoam Surgical Matrix is a unique, dual-action sealant and hemostat.  BioFoam is delivered as a liquid and sets as a soft foam in seconds.  Its expansion and viscosity properties are optimized to assist with controlled delivery into difficult-to-access spaces.

BioFoam is indicated for use on both cardiovascular and abdominal parenchymal tissue.1


Derived from CryoLife’s protein hydrogel technology

  • Used with BioGlue, which has 15+ years of clinical application in over 750,000 procedures
  • Flexible and pliable hydrogel foam after polymerization
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable


Simple, ergonomic design allows for unmatched ease of use

  • Room temperature storage
  • Off the shelf and ready to use with no preparation or mixing required
  • No manual compression needed


Assists in the control of bleeding

  • Begins polymerizing immediately on application and adhering to the target site
  • Remains flexible and conforms to irregular tissue
  • More than 3 times stronger than fibrin sealants
  • Controls bleeding independently of the patient’s coagulopathic state
  • Can be applied during cardioplegia (10°-20°C)


  1. BioFoam is not approved for commercial distribution in the U.S.A
  2. BioFoam Post-Market Study (BFM0901) Final Results. CryoLife, Inc. Data on File.
BioFoam is not approved for commercial distribution in the following countries: Japan, Peoples Republic of China, USA

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