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Think Globally…

Global customers have become significant partners in CryoLife’s business operations and future growth. CryoLife Europa, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of CryoLife, Inc., opened in 1999. From its headquarters in Guildford, England, Europa serves clients in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, India and Africa. CryoLife Europa has direct sales teams in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany and Austria and a distributor network for other markets.

Customers in Canada, Asia Pacific and Central and South America are supported through distributors by way of CryoLife’s corporate office in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA. In 2013, CryoLife established CryoLife Asia Pacific, Pte, Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore, to service customers in Japan, China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

CryoLife’s principal products outside the United States are:

  • BioGlue®: which is approved for use for soft tissue repair in cardiac, vascular, pulmonary, neurologic surgery and for fixation of hernia meshes in hernia repair
  • PerClot®: a plant-based hemostat for use in a diverse range of surgical bleeding indications
  • BioFoam® Surgical Matrix: used in cardiac and liver surgery