Aortic Allograft Workshops

Aortic Root Surgery Training and Wet Lab

To provide didactic and hands-on training in aortic root surgery, using the human aortic allograft as the ideal platform technology for the development of expertise in all other aortic root procedures. The didactic portion is designed to place the aortic allograft in the context of the overall surgical menu for aortic valve disease. The mentored wet labs will provide opportunities for multiple aortic root implants, step by step, utilizing the ideal biological “simulators” of the pig heart and the human aortic allograft. This program is designed for residents, fellows, and practicing cardiac surgeons to facilitate the development of the cognitive and technical skill-set required for competent performance of aortic root procedures with the unique opportunity for deliberate repetitive practice.

Program in Brief

Wednesday – 7:00PM – 9:30PM:
Begin Aortic Allograft Workshop with Didactic Presentation.

Thursday – 7:30AM – 4:30PM:
Didactic session and multiple wet lab demonstrations with a complete aortic root implant.

Friday – 7:30AM – 3:00PM:
Three allografts will be implanted utilizing the ideal biological “simulator” of the pig heart and the aortic allograft with the opportunity for risk-free confidence building by repetition and practice and the unique benefit of experiencing the third dimension and tactile feedback. Also available previous participants for additional wet-lab time.

Sessions and dates

2017 Dates
February 1-3 (DNA – Phoenix)
March 8 – 10 (LifeLink – Tampa)
April 19 – 21 (CORE – Pittsburgh)
May 10 – 12 (MTN – Kansas City)
June 14 – 16 (Live on NY – New York)
August 9 – 11 (Gift of Life Donor Program – Philadelphia)
November 15 – 17 (CryoLife)
December 13 – 15 (OneLegacy – Los Angeles)

**Courses are limited to surgeons practicing or training in the United States or Canada at the time of the registered course date.