Quilted Tribute to Honor Donors

CryoLife is kicking off a three month campaign to display a donor quilt each month, beginning April 1, 2014, in honor of Donate Life Month.

This quilt is a testament to the generosity of donor families and a tribute to their loved ones, whose life and death the quilt commemorates. The quilt is composed of squares of fabric individually designed and created by donor family members and friends. Quilt patches are adorned with special details such as photographs, poems and symbols of the loved one’s life. Patches have been made out of sentimental materials such as baby blankets, high school jackets, ties and favorite sweaters. As an ongoing project, quilt squares may be sent into the organ procurement organization at any time for inclusion in subsequent Remembrance Quilt panels. These quilts are displayed in their organizations and they travel around to different events.

The first quilt is on loan from Upstate New York Transplant Services in Buffalo, New York. They generously offered to share with us this very valuable and sentimental quilt to display for Donate Life month.

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